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Change is not easy for anyone but there are always positive things we can learn while we adapt to our new reality. Take this moment to think about things you wanted to change in your life and how this pause is helping you achieve that change. I challenge you to make a list of all the positive things you have and for one day don’t listen or read the news and observe how you feel the next day. Yes, we all want this time to be over but stressing out will not make it go faster. 

In the meanwhile, your dog can be your best calming “medicine”. I believe dogs have the power and energy to make us better human beings. 

  1. Breath. The first thing we do when we are under stress is that we stop breathing. Make a pause, put your hands on your dog and take five deep breaths every time you feel stressed.
  2. Observe. Have you seen how happy your dog is because you are spending more time at home with him? Have you noticed how he greets you everytime you move even if he has spent all day with him? Observe your dog and learn from his positive attitude towards life and how happy he is with just the bare essentials.
  3. Create a daily schedule. Wake up early and take him out for a nice walk. Make sure to clean his paws when you return home.
  4. Schedule a Facetime or Zoom meeting. Schedule a live meeting with other pet parents. 
  5. Bond. Take this moment to teach him new tricks and bond.
  6. Play. One of my favorite games inside the house with dogs is hide and seek. Start by practicing in a small area. One person at a time will call the dog and praise him when he comes. When he gets consistent at it, start hiding in different parts of the house.
  7. Rest. How many times you wished you could take a nap while you were working at an office or driving kids to after school activities. Take this time to take a nap with your dog.
  8. Plan. When all this is over, do you want to go back to your old routine or do you want to keep spending more time with your dog? This is a great time to start planning what your life will be when this quarantine is over.
  9. Keep him clean. Brush him every day, use antimicrobial wipes for his paws and waterless shampoo to keep your furry one clean.
  10. Watch what he eats. Avoid feeding your dog table scraps or house food. These kinds of foods will not provide your dog the nutrients he needs. Shop top dog food brands at

Remember, that Lucky Pet is offering curbside drop off and pick for Grooming and we are also delivering dog food and other dog goodies. 

By Mariel Calderon, dog trainer and Co-owner of Lucky Pet

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