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Every experience as a puppy will determine their personality as an adult.

As a dog trainer, I understand the importance of playing with other dogs but, dog parks are not always the best option for them. Pet parents are always looking for ways of keeping their puppies busy and pet parks seem like the perfect option. Dogs can play and let go of that excess energy, they socialize with other dogs and owners take a break to just relax or chat with other pet owners. 

Things to consider before taking your puppy to a Dog Park

  1. Every experience counts. Every experience as a puppy will determine their personality as an adult. Just one bad experience with other dogs or people, may turn him into a fearful or aggressive dogs. I recommend that puppies play with dogs that are compatible with them in size and personality. Look for other puppies their same size or adults that are proven to be tolerant with them. 
  2. Immune system. Even if your dog has all his shots, his immune system is still developing and exposing them to diseases could end up in a huge vet bill. You never know if other dogs have their shots or have been exposed to other sick dogs at a dog park. I would suggest asking to your dog’s vet it it’s appropriate to take him to the dog park?
  3. Hygiene. Pet owners usually pick up after their dogs, but… there are always those “forgetful” owners. Anyways, you don’t want your puppy to play where other dogs do their number ones and number twos and it’s not cleaned afterwards.

How to get your high energy puppy tired

  • Playdates. Most probably other puppy owners in your area are looking for playmates for their furry one. My recommendation would be to look for local Facebook Groups and ask for playing partners. If you own a dog under 20 lbs and live in Tampa, you may join Small Dogs of Tampa.
  • Daycare. Visit local Doggie Daycares to see which one is the most convenient for your puppy. Some things to consider when choosing a daycare for your puppy are:
    • They should do personality test
    • The place should be clean
    • Small, Medium and Large dogs should each have their own areas to play
  • Teach him new tricks! High energy puppies are usually very smart and great to work with. If you start focusing all that energy into learning new tricks you will be amazed how your dog transforms into an amazing dog. Set yourself a goal. How about a new trick every week? 

By Mariel Calderon

If you live in Tampa and are looking for daycare for your small dog, check out Lucky Pet at 13859 W. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Fl 33635 or visit

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