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There is never a dull moment at Lucky Pet. Most of the times dogs make our days when we see them playing at daycare or when they look fabulous after grooming. But, this time it was a dog parent, who’s a musician, the one that surprised us on a Tuesday morning.

Catherine and David have been bringing Snow to grooming for the past 7 months. As it happens with most of our customers, we greet, do the service and they leave happy. But this time, we started talking and we found out that David is a musician! He went to his car, looked for his trumpet and gave us a glimpse of the great music he plays. We all enjoyed the show. Even Chiripa was amazed at what she was listening to.

David plays at Safety Harbor Hotel the third Friday of every month from 6 – 10PM. It’s outdoors, pet and kids friendly! We will definitely be there with Chiripa and our kids.


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