Should I tip my dog’s groomer?

A dog groomer is not just a hair stylist, he or she performs many services on our dogs, not just washing, drying and trimming.

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The quick answer is Yes, although it’s not required. I’m sure your dog’s groomer works because he or she loves her job but, tip is always appreciated. Just like you would tip a hair stylist I would recommend tipping your dog’s groomer.

A dog groomer is not just a hair stylist, he or she performs many services on our dogs, besides washing, drying and trimming.

Some of a Dog Groomer’s duties are to:

  • Have lots of patience. While at the hair salon you are able to chill and your hair stylist is able to concentrate just on your hair, Dog Groomers have to sometimes calm dogs, handle aggressive or nervous dogs or even work around dogs that rather lay down on the table instead of standing up.
  • Interpret owner’s requests. Owners may want a certain hairstyle but sometimes their dogs don’t have the hair for that specific style or the dog’s hair is matted.
  • Do more than just a haircut. Bathe, blow dry, clip nails, grind nails, brush teeth, de matt if the dog has not been brushed enough on a daily basis, express anal glands… plus do specific haircuts for different breeds or at owner’s requests.

These are just a few examples, to name a few, of all the duties a dog groomer has to perform.

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